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Field Trip Privacy FAQ

Q. Where can I find the Privacy Policy for Field Trip?

Field Trip is offered under the Nianitc, Inc Privacy Policy, located at the following link:

Does Field Trip record my phone's current location?

Field Trip periodically sends your phone’s location to Niantic, Inc via a secure connection. Field Trip needs to know where you are in order to provide you certain content, including fresh and personalized notifications based on your location.

Q. Can I disable location reporting by the Field Trip app?

Yes. You can disable location reporting by the Field Trip app by changing the mode of the app. In the “Select Mode” dialog, select “OFF - Notifications disabled.” from the list. When this mode is selected, you will see a closed book icon in the Field Trip menu bar. Field Trip will no longer periodically report your phone locations to Niantic, Inc. You can still use the Field Trip app in “OFF” mode to browse for points of interest in the map view.

Q. Does Field Trip record a list of past notifications that were sent to me?

Yes. Field Trip keeps track of which notifications were sent to you in order to avoid repeatedly providing you the same point of interest. A list of past notifications is stored on our server. At any point, you can choose to permanently delete this list. In the Field Trip application, go to Settings (tap the gear icon at the top of the screen), scroll down and select "Reset Account." Confirm account deletion.

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