Field Trip Help

Field Trip on Android Wear

Use Field Trip on your Android Wear device to receive notifications while on the go.

To enable Field Trip on your wearable, be sure to do the following:

As you explore the world, you’ll automatically receive notifications of interesting places nearby.

Touching the notification on the wearable will expand the text to allow you to read the card without taking your phone out. You can also swipe left to view the photos associated with the card.

For each notification, swiping left will display the following options:

  • Save - Allows you to save the card to read later in the Field Trip app on your phone
  • Directions - Enable navigation to guide you to the location
  • Read - Read the card content out loud through your phone’s audio
  • Snooze - Pauses notifications for the rest of the day
  • Open on phone - Display the Field Trip card on your phone
  • Block app - Prevent Field Trip notifications from appearing on your wearable
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