Field Trip Help

Trouble downloading Field Trip

There are two reasons you may not be able to download Field Trip on your device:

  1. Field Trip is not yet available in your country

    We're working hard to build out stories around the world and make Field Trip available more widely.

  2. Field Trip is not supported for your device

    Field Trip is available on the following mobile platforms:

    Other device requirements:

    • Wi-Fi enabled
    • GPS-enabled
    • Touchscreen
    • Bluetooth (required for some text-to-speech options)

Can't find Field Trip for download?

Keep in mind that apps that are not available on your device (either because the device itself is not supported or because it's not available in your country) will be hidden when you search or browse in the Google Play Store app on your device. If you're not in a support country or your device doesn't meet the requirements listed above, you won't see the Field Trip app in the Google Play Store app.

If you look for Field Trip on Google Play in your browser, you'll see the following error message if it's not yet available in your country or if your device is not supported:

Errors while downloading

If you're getting a Download unsuccessful error or if your download of Field Trip is stuck at Starting download, you may need to complete some basic troubleshooting steps to resolve your download issue.

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