Field Trip Help

Receiving card notifications on iOS

When you receive a card notification on your iOS device, you can choose to read the card immediately, close the notification, or snooze to postpone all notifications to the next day.

When your screen is locked
To read the card immediately, slide the Field Trip icon to unlock your screen and the card will appear for you to read.

When your screen is unlocked
The notification will look like the top of a card popping up from the bottom of the screen. To read the card immediately, touch or swipe the card notification upwards to bring it fully into view.

To snooze card notifications, swipe the card notification upwards and touch the Snooze button at the bottom of the card. You won't receive anymore notifications from Field Trip until the following day.

To close the card and not receive the notification again, touch the Close button at the top left of the notification.

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